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Located in the heart of jharkhand, we have setup an ongoing project in Bokaro, the steel city of India. Bokaro is a city with lakes, greenery and beautiful parks which creates an aura of peace and tranquility around. Besides being the center of India's industrial revolution back in the 1960s and 1970s, Bokaro has been able to establish itself as one of the most well-planned cities in the country.

The city, located on the banks of River Damodar is the largest producer of steel and iron in the country and houses some of the biggest factories. Being surrounded by greenery, it is full of wonderful lakes and parks that compliment its beautiful landscape. Bokaro is situated in the easternmost part of Jharkhand and closer to West Bengal which explains the Bengali influence in its culture. The city is rich in culture and is truly cosmopolitan in nature.

Spread over an area of 260000 sq.ft., in Gorabali, Bokaro, the project balances the sustainability of natural ecosystem. Built amidst the wide coverage of plethora, it gives you the peace of mind one requires in this busy world. The project is located on a wide four-lane road facing north with 24x7 water and electricity facilities.It is well connected to bokaro railway station which is at a distance of 4.5 km, national highway at 3 km away, the very famous gobind market at a mere distance of 2 km. There are beautiful temples and community halls in the vicinity.

ARPL Business

Mega Township

These days, real estate sector is meeting with a wide requirement of distributing bigger landscapes into smaller ones, build a town and distribute among the customers for occupying. It is a very challenging task which our team ARPL converts into an opportunity and does the needful for a proper living of our customers.

We make amendments in providing our customers with high in standards and affordable home for people from various sectors.

Our township inspires its residents to celebrate life in its full glory. These ready-to-move-in homes also provide you with best-in-class amenities.We have missed no effort in ensuring you every luxury, every convenience and every comfort. Intricate detailing, thoughtful yet insightful little touches and a subtle class makes your living to be a truly magnificent one in your own home.

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